CFNN Reporter Alexis Fowler

Pressure. It surrounds us and dictates our every action. Peer pressure and Academic pressures can control you. They weigh you down, hold you back, and even break you. So how do we stop pressures from crushing and controlling us?

High schoolers across the country are pressured into things every single day. They sometimes do things they don’t want to do just so that they can “look cool.” The idea of trying to impress people to fit in is just outrite stupid. I wish I had another word to use that would sound more  professional, but I truly believe in a situation where students do something to impress others, there is no purpose in trying to make something sound more intelligent than it actually is. 

The biggest issue with peer pressure is not the people being pressured, but instead the people creating the pressure. Sometimes it’s unintentional; people do things and others follow behind. Other times, statements and words are used to control others actions. 

The worst type of peer pressure is the unintentional kind. Girls often call themselves fat and say that they need to lose weight. These harmless self deprecating comments hurt bystanders. Other people hear these words and believe they need to do the same. This can lead to eating disorders and other things.

I wish we could all just ignore it. I wish that there was a specific way to avoid this type of pressure, but there really isn’t. You just have to try to ignore it. Ask yourself if they really meant to hurt you or if they were just being inconsiderate. Most of the time people say things without thinking about how others perceive their words. 

The next type of pressure is one that I face most often. Academic pressure is the pressure to do well in school. It’s not always a bad thing but can definitely have its negative side effects. It’s the one that causes things such as anxiety and depression.

Students all over the world do their absolute best in school, but sometimes it’s not enough. Everyone wants perfect grades because the idea of “failing” is unacceptable. The issue is what people consider failing is not actually failing. Some people panic over getting a B. 

Most academic pressures are caused by the idea that people need to be perfect. Students are constantly being told they need to work harder. It pushes students to lose themselves in the search for “perfection.” 

The idea of perfection is the root of a lot of teens’ problems. It causes teens to lose themselves searching for something unattainable. It is the main cause of peer and academic pressures. It changes how people see themselves and others. 

I wish I had a perfect way to avoid this, but I don’t. I think sometimes you just need to breathe and take a break. Remember, a bad grade isn’t the end of the world; it won’t cause your life to fall apart. 

Just don’t lose yourself in stress and pressures. Don’t let what people do control you. I’m sure you’re doing fine.