CFNN Reporter Sydney Pate

This past Saturday, October 9, the Cape Fear Marching Colts competed in South View’s Rumble in the Jungle marching band competition. 

The Marching Band has put in long hours of work and plans to put in even more as the season progresses. Although it was only the first competition of the season, the band was amazing.

The Marching Band has been hard at work practicing for this year’s show since July. 

The entire band celebrates with a chorus of I’m so Glad in the stands after the awards ceremony

The hard work has really paid off because the Marching Colts pulled a win in more than one category. The band competed in class 3A and came out on top in marching, general effect, percussion, and colorguard. “I’m proud of my team for their hard work,” said 10th grade weapon line member Allie Horne. “I think the performance was a great one.”

After finishing in second place in the music category Mr. Hartman, Cape Fear’s director of bands, will be working with students to better their music this week.

“I think our music score was very justifiable. I think there are a lot of things that went well, especially related to our releases, our articulations, and definitely taking that into account in terms of practice this week.” Hartman said.

Although the band was in class 3A, they were also scored overall against all bands. They performed well enough to finish third overall. This was excellent, considering it was their first competition. 

In marching, they scored third overall; general effect they scored second; percussion scored third; color guard scored first (great job ladies!!); and music scored third overall. 

Drum Majors Anissa Reese and Kyla Mayhew and Guard Captain Alexis Fowler pose with awards

“We did pretty good considering that it’s been two years since anyone has marched,” said Taija Phillips, woodwind captain. “The scores reflect our hard work, but we still have a lot of work to do and things to improve on.This was only the beginning.” Phillips was very proud of the performance.

The band is finished learning new music and drill; now they have to finish the final touches of their show. A marching band show takes a long time to learn and even longer to perfect. The Marching Colts are satisfied with scores this past weekend, but they are determined to do better next weekend at Gray’s Creek. The hard work won’t stop until the band comes out on top.

Come check out our Marching Colts Saturday, October 16th at Gray’s Creek High School in the Battle in the Bear’s Den!