CFNN Reporter Iliana Richardson

On September 28, the Cape Fear Varsity volleyball team had a match against Purnell Swett; they had a dominating win in straight sets, 3-0. 

Jenna Hales goes in for a spike

Their first set came strong with a 25-15 score. The second set they came even stronger 25-8 and in the third, and final set ,they won with a nail biting 25-23 finish.

When asked what the team could work on, Alayna Pruitt says “Serving, hitting, and passing. I can see we are getting lacky.” 

On September 29, the Varsity volleyball team had a game against Pine Forest, where they won 3 -2. They lost their first set 25-12, but came back strong in their second set with a score of 25-20. They then lost their third set 25-22 but came back and won their fourth and fifth game with scores of 26-24 and 15-8. 

¨It all starts with a pass.” Alayna says. ¨Passing is what wins you the game.¨

Kaitlyn Keen passes the ball to her teammate

The last game the Lady Colts played was against Seventy First, where they won 3-1. In the first set, they won with the score of 25-20. In the second set ,they lost 25-21 but came back in the third set with a score of 25-21. They then won the fourth set with a score of 25-21.

“As an individual, I could improve by cheering the team on more and being less negative.” said Pruitt. “It wiĺl be better for me and the team as a whole.¨

Alayna and the Varsity volleyball team have represented Cape Fear well and they won’t disappoint for the rest of the season. Make sure to watch out for the next article about our Lady Colts coming next week at!