CFNN Reporter Savannah Browne

Saturday’s Rumble In The Jungle was a huge success for the Cape Fear Marching Colts, but there’s no time to rest before Gray’s Creek’s Battle in the Bear’s Den this weekend, on October 16th, 2021.

Hard at work, the Cape Fear Marching Band continues to practice day in and day out to prepare for this upcoming competition date. Although this week’s show day will consist of some of the same bands from the South View competition, it will also showcase some new competition such as the Pinecrest and Union Pines Marching Bands. This creates huge changes in the competition scene due to the wide variety in sizes and spirits of the bands performing that night. Cape Fear almost entirely swept the first place awards for the 3A class at the South View competition, but now South View will also be competing in the 3A class this weekend.

This Saturday, October 23rd, 2021, the Cape Fear Marching Colts will be competing at Sanderson High School in the Capital Cup competition day. This is a finals-style competition, meaning that 8 of the highest scoring competition bands will perform a second time to showcase their show in an even more spectacular way. In past seasons, Cape Fear has added new elements to their shows during finals competitions. During the 2019 finals performance at Capital Cup, the color guard weaved lights into their hair for the Power On show. The most impressive part of the Capital Cup is the amount of incredibly competitive bands that will be present, it always creates a different atmosphere when you’re surrounded by some of the best bands in the state.
After an amazing performance at South View’s Rumble In The Jungle, the Cape Fear Marching Colts are so excited to take the field again at Gray’s Creek’s Battle In The Bears Den on Saturday, October 16th, 2021, in hopes for yet another successful run of this year’s show The Rise and Fall of Medusa.