CFNN Reporter Sydney Pate

The Cape Fear High School Future Farmers of America (FFA) are selling chrysanthemums for the fall season. This is an annual sale that really helps the program because all the money made goes back into the FFA program. 

“The reason I’m selling mums is so that students know the background to how mums are grown and raised,” says horticulture teacher Paul Young. “From when they see them in the nurseries to the stores and from the stores to the homes.” Not only does this event help the program, but it teaches the students something as well.

The FFA starts growing the mums in July in the greenhouses. “You’ve got to pinch ‘em.” Explains Mr. Young. “That just means you pinch that internal growth so it’ll be more compact.”

Mums are a very pretty flower for the autumnal season. The FFA sells them every year because of their ornamental look. Although they enjoy selling them, the flowers they sell in the spring season make them more money. Be sure to support your Farming Colts by supporting their program and buying a chrysanthemum.