CFNN Reporter Grace Sherbert

On Wednesday, October 6, the varsity boys soccer took their winning streak down Raeford Road to take on the Seventy-First Falcons. The Colts were on fire, and headed back across the river with a 3-1 victory under their belt.

Trent Bunce, a starting midfielder,  started the game strong and scored an effortless goal. The Colts were hopeful for another win coming into the game and their focus was on continuing their streak, focusing on the game plan, and not losing track of their season goals.

“I feel great. It’s always a great game when we play seventy first and it’s always great to come away with a win.” Bunce said.

Midway into the first half, the Falcons scored on the Colts, leaving the score at 2-1 as they went into halftime.

At the beginning of the half, Connor Fisher scored off a corner kick. This was Fisher’s first goal of the season. From the looks of it, he will celebrate more frequently in the future.

“I am beyond grateful for my first goal of the season, but I couldn’t do it without my boys,” said Fisher.

The game stayed tight throughout the second half, as neither team could gain complete control of the match.

Late in the half, Julius Mclemore began to work his magic, icing the game with a goal and putting the Colts up for good. ¨It was an aggressive game,” said McLemore.  “We had our mindsets on victory tonight.¨ 

The Colts worked like a well oiled machine on the field; the communication, performance and motivation were all there, resulting in a big conference win for the Colt Footballers. 

¨We knew we had to finish strong, we played to the best of our abilities, and we left with a dub.¨ Maddox Terwilliger said. 

Altogether the Colts did an outstanding job on Wednesday, showing amazing teamwork and communication to lead them to victory. Win or Lose, it’s always a great day to be a Colt.