CFNN Reporter Mary Catherine Shook

As Adam Sandler’s character Billy Madison once said, “Reading is GOOD!” This week’s Student Of The Week believes just that. CFNN student of the week Sanaa House fell in love with reading and English class long ago. 

Sanna (pronounced Sah-nye-yah) is a freshman this year, and she can’t get enough good books to read. Her voracious appetite for reading drives her in school. She also loves watching movies and shopping. 

“Sanaa is motivated; she gets her work done, and she seems to have a deep understanding of the material we cover,” said Sanaa’s English teacher Ms. Jones. “She is a joy to have in class!”

Sanna is an avid reader, which spurs from her love for the English subject. Some of her favorite book series´ include Matched and The Hunger Games. She considers reading her escape from harsh reality; it’s relaxing and brings her joy. Her favorite genre of books would have to be “Dystopian Novels”.

“They just are really interesting to read,” said House. “They always leave you guessing”.

English has always been her number one subject in school. “I feel like I can understand English a lot better than any other subject in school,” she said. ¨Math has never really been one of my strong suits.¨

She also enjoys journaling. Journaling is something that  helps her feel organized and successful. She also uses it to plan parties and other events for her friends. ¨It makes me feel accomplished and good about myself.¨

¨I love to write. Whether it’s putting my feelings down, my thoughts, plans, whatever. I can never get enough. I love the way I can just get my emotions out on paper and feel better afterward.¨ 

Watching movies is another one of Sanaa´s favorite pastimes. Her favorite movie saga would have to be The MCU. 

“I go to the movie theater with my family a lot,” she said. She likes spending time with her family. Sanna says she enjoys watching movies after reading books because it brings the books to life. 

Sanna House is an overall great choice for student of the week. Whether it’s for her studies or for fun, Sanaa can always be counted on to have a book in her hand. She has been a great person to represent Cape Fear High School. Stay tuned for the next Student Of The Week coming out next week!