CFNN Reporter Madisyn Hall

After tearing through round one of the 2021-2022 playoffs, the Cape Fear Lady Colts once again dominated the hardcourt with a win Tuesday, against Orange High School from Hillsborough, NC. 

It was a cool, windy day, and the Colts swept through in a cool and windy way, taking four of six wins in singles, resulting in only one court of doubles necessary to close out the win. 

On the Colts first court Brooke Bieniek finished her match with a 6-0, 6-0 win. Anna Piland also won her match 6-0, 6-0. Both Brooke and Anna finished their matches quickly, playing with their usual consistency and toughness. Shea Bieniek had a tough match, but managed to pull out a 6-4, 6-3 win. 

Madisyn Hall’s win on court four was impressive, .6-2, 6-4,  Andi Brinker had a long and tedious match, winning her first set 6-4, but dropped the second set 4-6. The split sets caused a third set tie break, first to ten. Brinker couldn’t pull through and lost the third set 5-10. Despite the loss, Brinker’s match was very exciting, and her performance was admirable. The Colt faithful were on the edges of their seats waiting for the results of Brinkers’ match.

Lastly Brianna Keen played on court six and lost her first set 2-6, and her second set 1-6. This left the score at 4-2 at the end of singles. Cape Fear needed one win in doubles to clutch the win for Cape Fear. Top ranked doubles pair Brooke Bieniek and Anna Piland dominated the court with an 8-0 win. This win for the Colts pushed them into the Elite Eight in the State, or the quarter finals. 

The Colts now travel to Rocky Mount to take on the Griffons in the third round. This marks the first road match of the playoffs for Cape Fear, but we hope to see another win next week! Go Colts!