CFNN Reporter Alexis Fowler

I really wish someone would have told me how bittersweet your senior year is. People always talk about what college they are going to and their plans for the future. Everyone seems to leave out what I consider the worst part of your senior year: Saying Goodbye.

Sydney Pate and Alexis Fowler pose with the colorguard trophy after winning grand champion in 2019 as sophomores. Both are now seniors.

It’s more complicated than just knowing that you are going to leave your school and the people you know. Everyone knows that eventually people will move. I’m not saying it’s not sad, it’s just expected. Even with the idea of leaving, you never truly believe you will be gone forever. There are class reunions and with social media, people are just a text away. 

It’s saying goodbye to the things that you have given your all too. These are the things to which I have devoted countless hours and effort. For me personally, this week has been incredibly hard. I’m having to say goodbye to Color guard; of course I start winter guard in a few weeks, but it’s not the same. 

Knowing that a practice will be your last one ever hurts worse than I can even describe. Last games, events, and traditions seem to fly by faster than you can blink. All of this is even worse for the athletes who know that their journey ends here. The ones who will never step foot on a field again are truly the ones who are feeling the joys of it all for the last time. 

Even with all of the pain, I know that none of them would take it back. They wouldn’t take back the pain either because that just shows how much they loved it while it lasted. 

With all of that being said, don’t let the pain of losing things cause you not to enjoy what comes next. Things change and we need to accept that. That doesn’t mean we can’t regret the change, but don’t get caught up in it. Just try to enjoy everything while it lasts. It will all be gone before you know it.