CFNN Volleyball Correspondent Iliana Richardson

On Saturday, October 23rd, the Colt Volleyball team played their first round playoff match against the Demons of Fike High School. 

Our Lady Colts exorcised the Demons, dispatching them in straight sets 3-0. In the first set the Colts came out strong and dominated 25-10. In the second set the Colts won 25-14. In the third and final set, the lady Colts came strong with a score of 25-18, which not only won them the match, but propelled them into a second round match against Northwood High School.

After the game CFNN had the opportunity to talk to  Illyanna Johnson and Hannah Spexarth from the team to see how they felt after the match. 

“I feel like we played really well and kept our composure,” said Johnson after the match. “We did really well even though we were nervous. I was even nervous!” 

“It felt great to win and make it to the second round,” said Spexarth. “We just want to keep advancing.”.

With this in mind our Lady Colts will be ready to put in another outstanding performance in their second round matchup with the Northwood High School Chargers.

Good luck, Ladies! Go Colts!