CFNN Grace Sherbert and Kerrigan Brown

On Monday, October 25th the Cape Fear Varsity Soccer Team played in the first round of the conference tournament against Seventy First High School on Colt Territory. The match ended in a Colt Victory advancing the Colts to the second round of the conference tournament. The team made vital improvements and ended the match with a final score of 3-1. 

The first half started and the Colts did not hold back. A few minutes into the half, Sophomore Julius McLemore scored from outside of the box, nailing a shot into the lower 90 of the Falcons goal.

After halftime the Falcons took an open opportunity and took a successful shot on goal. This knotted the score at 1-1. 

The score remained locked at 1-1 until the final 10 minutes. An awesome run by Christian Decalos and Biniam McKenzie ended in a successful shot on goal from McKenzie. This teamwork helped seal the game for the Colts, punching their ticket to the second round. 

¨I was playing very hard and diligently,¨ Dacalos said after the match. ¨I got the ball at the perfect time and had a clear view Biniam, passed the ball that gave him a perfect shot the put us ahead.¨

¨Right before my goal I could tell we had a chance. By the show of communication and wide passing going on all around I knew we were going to succeed,¨ said an excited McKenzie.

The Colts had the game firmly in hand in the 79th minute, but took another opportunity to score with 30 seconds left on the clock. Fransco Martinesezt made a sweet pass straight to McLemore, who had a clear shot into the goal. McLemore’s second goal would prove to be the final goal of the match.

¨Everyone thought the game was over, so there was no one in front of me as Martinesezt passed, giving an easy shot at goal,” McLemore stated as he led his team to victory. 

The Colts will play again Tuesday, October 26th against the Lumberton Pirates in hopes to seal the Conference Championship. Stay tuned to see how they perform!