CFNN Reporter Savannah Browne

Seniors, junior drum major, and Mr. Hartman the awards at Cary Band Competition

Now that the marching season has come to an end, we would like to thank the marching class of 2022 for all their hard work and dedication to the Cape Fear Marching Band program!

Rayf Dunning,

Thank you for helping out the drumline a lot and doing so much for the band. You’re at every practice and doing the best you can, which has helped us so much.

From, Joshua Pirro

Shelby Horne,

Thank you for being a mom to the front ensemble and helping us with our music. Thank you for helping us in general, especially when we’re lost.

From, Alex Bridges

Adriel Alvarez,

Thank you for making my marching season more enjoyable. You kept pushing me harder at rehearsals and brightening everyone’s mood everyday. Go Computer Kid!

From, Hannah Chavis

Erin Holmes,

Thank you for making this season so much better, it wouldn’t have been the same if you weren’t here with all of your enthusiasm and pep!

From, Hannah Yergeau

Olivia Vreeland,

Thank you so much for being in this band program with me and introducing me to all of this. You were one of the few people that made it so that I didn’t feel like an outsider when I first started marching. I love you so much and I’m so excited to see what you’ll do with your life!

From, Gretchyn Murphy

Taija Phillips,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for our section and for taking care of the woodwinds in general!

From, Casey Walters

Kevin Radler,

Thank you for being a great section leader and for guiding us throughout the season, we couldn’t have done it without you!

From, Caden Ball

Sydney Pate,

Thank you for being the best section leader! You even brought me pizza and Coca-Cola on game days, which made them so much more fun. You made sure I stayed in line, even though I was always talking to Gabe.  Best section leader of 2021!

From, Liam McWilliams

Ethan MacKenzie,

Thank you for being such a good friend to me over the years, I appreciate the leadership and the time you put into the band. I’m very thankful for the amount of effort that you put into me and into helping me get better. I wouldn’t be the musician that I am today without you.

From, Curtis Holst

Quantez Johnson,

Thank you for being one of my best friends coming into high school and for helping me out on the field so much. It’s been a great season marching with you. I love you and you’re one of my best friends, my boy!

From, Jaden Reid

Keanu Barnhill,

Thank you for being a good leader, a good friend, and for always being there for me. You were always there when I needed your help, both on and off the field.

From, Joshua McIntyre

Alexis Fowler,

Thank you so much for helping me get my 45 toss and making me cry happy tears! I love you so much Big Si!

From, Aubrey Autry

Anissa Reese,

Thank you for being such an amazing drum major and for making this marching season so fun!

From, Hannah Roney

Leanna Hodgkinson,

Thank you for being one of my best friends for the past two and a half years. You’ve made this season amazing and you’re always someone that’s so fun to be around. You always make everyone else’s enthusiasm levels jump up. You’re so energetic and outgoing which has made this season so much more fun for everyone else. I just want to say thank you for the past two years because you’ve made my life amazing and I love you so much!

From, Hailey Faircloth

Savannah Browne,

Thank you for making this season incredible and helping me with my tosses and just everything related to guard. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. 

From, Jordan Cruz

Thank you seniors, we hope it was an amazing last year for you all and can’t wait to see the great things you all will accomplish in the future!