Alexis Fowler

“New year, New me.” I’m not a huge fan of that saying because I don’t understand how someone thinks they can change overnight. It’s more than just miraculously becoming a better person. It’s also about working hard to fix mistakes you’ve made in the past.

 I also don’t do new years resolutions. Honestly I find it kind of draining to set goals that I know I’ll break but this year I decided to change that, I decided . This year I have one single goal: To be happier.

With the stress of senior year and deciding which college to go to I often find myself rushing through things. I just need to stop and take it all in to really enjoy my final semester of high school. I am already a happy person but I want to really experience every moment. 

So, the real question is how do I become happier? What is keeping me from changing this one element of my life?

Negativity definitely brings me down. I spend too much time allowing people’s opinions to dictate how I view myself. I plan to focus on surrounding myself with people that believe in me and won’t allow me to give up. 

To make myself happier I want to try to do one thing every day that will impact someone else in a positive way. I really enjoy helping others and by creating happiness for someone else it will positively affect me. 

Besides that, I want to stop and take a second to enjoy the little things. Something as small as someone smiling at me in the street can cause a good impact. I need to focus on those positive things that will make a world of difference in not only my life but someone else’s. 

I think we should all try to be happier because the whole world could use a little joy right now. So compliment someone, smile at people, laugh more, and help others out. If you give joy you are bound to get it back.