Alexis Fowler

The newest spiderman movie No Way Home effortlessly combines 20 years worth of characters and storylines into one brilliant universe. 

The movie opens with Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, exactly where Far From Home ended. After Mysterio reveals his identity Peter is left suffering the consequences. With everyone believing he is a murderer. Peter, MJ (Zendaya) and Ned (Jacob Batolan) are all suffering because of their connection to spiderman. 

Peter goes to Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) for help and unfortunately makes the situation worse. As Peter, MJ, Ned and Dr. Strange work to navigate the situation, it becomes obvious that the only way to resolve this situation is through teamwork. 

The movie’s casting was nothing short of perfection. Tom Holland is brilliant as Spiderman and truly embodies this role, especially in this movie. His character shows more emotion in this movie than the other two, and it really helps increase the emotion in the movie. 

No character in the movie could have been cast better. Zendaya is an amazing MJ; her character is really there for Peter throughout the film. Jacob Batolon proved that Ned is more than just a comic relief character. Ned grows in every way imaginable through the movie. Through his physical and mental growth Jacob expertly displays it all. 

Spiderman is an emotional rollercoaster of a film. From some of the saddest moments in MCU history to some of the most surprising, it’s all played to perfection. Like most Marvel movies, the movie is full of humor, but something extra seemed to have been added to this film. Although the movie had some heartwarming moments, it also had some scenes that left viewers feeling empty. 

The movie contained so many small details that you should watch it twice to catch them all. The details add to the movie in a variety of ways, such as MJ’s necklace in the movie (it’s the one Peter gave to her in Far From Home). Even the names of all three movies showcase a true meaning.

So what movies do you need to watch before this one? You should definitely watch every spiderman movie ever made just to understand details that you could miss. Doctor Strange’s original movie will help you understand some more about him. Also, it’s recommended that Avengers: Infinity War is watched before this movie so you can see how Peter and Doctor Strange have been connected in the past. 

There are a few other shows referenced, but it’s not vital to understanding the movie. It’s not extremely important but DareDevil (which is on Netflix) will help you understand one scene. WandaVision is slightly more important for you to see as it directly relates to a future movie. Finally if you have time you should watch Hawlkeye after watching the movie because there are a few references. 

If that didn’t convince you to see the movie, Spiderman: No Way Home received a 94% from Rotten Tomatoes critics. The fans gave the movie 98%. With a box office gross of $613.6M, it’s easy to see that spiderman is a fan favorite. 

This Spiderman sequel goes above and beyond what was expected. The movie combines the past with the present in a way never done before. It’s a genius demonstration of what a good movie should be.