This week’s Teacher of The Week is Mrs. Morgan Bullard, our Cape Fear High School art  teacher. Mrs.Bullard has lived in the Cape Fear area her whole life. She grew up here and graduated from Cape Fear herself in 2007. Mrs. Bullard graduated from Peace College in 2011 with a degree in graphic design.  She then attended UNC Pembroke to pursue her master’s in art education. She also is married and has a 5 year old son named Wyatt, and she is currently pregnant with her second son. 

When Mrs.Bullard graduated from college, she wasn’t quite sure what to do, or where she wanted to go in life. After a long time praying and trusting in God for guidance, she found her passion in art education and teaching kids. She realized that she personally loved working with kids, and that’s what led her to teach. One of Mrs.Bullards friends had encouraged her to try working at Cape Fear. That’s led her to where she is today. 

In teaching at Cape Fear, she wanted to help the students grow and discover their love for art, and help them find themselves. 

“I love helping the kids, and helping them kind of discover something that they’re good at. And I feel like it gives them confidence to develop a skill that they didn’t  know they had,” she said.

Mrs. Bullard always wanted to motivate kids to be their best selves and perform skills they didn’t know they could do.  In doing this she loves interacting with the kids and doing work herself to help the kids feel more motivated to do their work. 

As any other teacher, Mrs. Bullard prefers in person learning.  She values the connections and relationships she forms with her students. She prefers being able to interact and move around in her classroom. Also loves being able to see the kids grow and progress throughout the years of her teaching. As she assigns work individually she has learned that if she adapts the work to the student they will perform better in her class. 

Mrs.Bullard was not only chosen to be teacher of the week, but also chosen to be the 2021-2022 school year’s Teacher of the Year. One of her favorite quotes is, “leave it better than you left it”.  That is what Mrs. Bullard is planning to do this year and many years to come. She wants to make Cape Fear High School a more welcoming place for students, somewhere they aren’t going to dread coming to everyday, according to her she wants to “make the campus a little more attractive”. 

Some of her plans for the school are to put up a newly painted Cape Fear sign in the front common area, as well as plant flowers in several of the beds around campus. She feels that if the school is more modern and updated it shows the students that the school cares. So in that she plans on selling her artwork to make money to buy new things for the school, and the classrooms. 

“Seeing the sun through the clouds,” is the name of Mrs.Bullard’s podcast where she talks and interviews people about different topics. 

“The happiness of your life greatly depends on the quality of your thoughts,” Mrs. Bullard says as she describes the motivation behind her podcast. 

The Podcast focuses mostly on people who come from different backgrounds. She likes to interview the people who have a good work ethic who have faced adversity in their lives to discuss what gives them their motivation. She talks about their environment, and where they came from.

Mrs. Bullard believes kids need a good role model, which is something she tries to provide for them if they don’t have someone to look up to at home. 

Even after 12 years of teaching at Cape Fear High school and interacting with students, she still has a love for art and a love for kids. Mrs. Bullard believes that teaching and helping students is her purpose in life, and she doesn’t plan to leave anytime soon. At the end of the day, Mrs. Bullard doesn’t see herself anywhere else but Cape Fear High School, teaching and caring for her students.