Alexis Fowler and Aiyanna Campbell

After a 2 year hiatus due to covid, our Color Guard is finally back in action. This weekend our team is traveling to Cleveland High School for their very first competition of the season. The show  is titled “A place on Earth.” It’s all about beauty that comes from within. The team has quite literally put in blood, sweat and tears to make this the perfect show. 

Above: Photo by Johnny Horne

After being out for 2 years, starting fresh has been a challenge. “It’s definitely stressful but I like pushing myself,” said starting saber and rifle Allie Horne. “I look forward to seeing how I spin in the first competition.”

Allie Horne is one of the 7 members of this year’s saber line. The 7 sabers all stepped up to the challenge of learning new equipment in a few short weeks. Six of the girls, Allie, Aiyanna, Genna, Alexis, Jordyn and Chloe all learned the equipment during the summer and have done their best to grow their skills since then. The 7th saber and newest member, Savannah, has worked hard to hone her skills on the saber line. 

This season the guard has an excellent group of coaches helping make them the best they can be. Mike, Brad, and Sydney have pushed all of the team members to become better as a group and better as individual performers. 

Everyone is looking forward to finally getting back to performing. Despite the challenges, the team is ready to give it their all during their first competition.