Alexis Fowler

My Senior year is stressful. For me, my classes aren’t something I’m extremely worried about: instead it’s college. When people say their Junior year is the most stressful, they seem to forget college applications are a thing. 

Most of the applications for college are straightforward. The issue is with the individual writing for each school. How stressful the application process is depends on the school. In a little less than a week, I wrote over 30 different writing supplements. 

Part of those writing assignments were for my portfolio. Not only did I have to write essays for the school, I also had to explain all of the pictures in my portfolio. 

It also costs more money to submit a portfolio. On top of the $95 to apply for the school, it’s an extra $10 for each portfolio. To add to that, some schools require you to apply for financial aid and you even have to pay to submit that application. 

Despite how stressful applying can be, what is really stressful is the questions. Everywhere I go I’m always asked where I’m going to college. My only response is, “that’s a good question” because I don’t know either. As I’m waiting to hear back from college, constantly being asked where I’m going isn’t making the waiting any better. 

None of that includes the dropping acceptance rates and rising prices of schools. Colleges are getting more and more competitive by the minute. They seem to be looking for the students who are the best at everything, and sometimes even being at the top of your class isn’t enough. 

They don’t want anybody who isn’t able to balance school, sports and extracurricular activities. It’s almost as if they expect you to do more clubs and activities than there are hours in the day. 

Finally, leaving a place you know is stressful too. Everything is completely new. Despite how stressful all of it is, it’s also exciting to know that this is the start of your future.