Kaley Autry

This week’s student of the week is Melodie Brooks! Melodie is a sophomore here at Cape Fear who has many talents. Her family and friends call her Mel, and she is so excited to be student of the week.

Not only is Melodie celebrating being student of the week but, it is also her Birthday week! Melodie found out she had been picked for student of the week on her birthday.

 In her free time Melodie enjoys drawing on her tablet, writing, coming up with stories and playing games with her friends. 

Melodie is an extremely talented artist and CFNN has the honor of sharing her work with you. She enjoys doing digital art using her drawing pad and a pen. She sketches all different kinds of characters from shows and even some of her own. She prefers digital art over paper and pencil. Some day she would even like to get into painting.

Mel Thoroughly enjoys art and can even see herself making a possible career out of it. Not only is she into the visual arts but she is also extremely involved in theater arts. She has acted in a few plays including Shrek the Musical, Beauty and the Beast, and A Christmas Carol. She enjoys acting and is even involved in theater here at our school. She plans to continue taking theater as an elective for the remainder of her high school career. She also hopes to be involved in more plays. 

“The teachers are my favorite thing about Cape Fear. They are always so kind and make learning fun,” says Mel. Her favorite teacher that she has had so far is Mrs. Velez. She had her for science last year and thoroughly enjoyed learning in her class.

Mel enjoys being a student here at Cape Fear and has recently joined the quiz bowl team. She was hesitant about joining at first, but later decided to do it after her older sister convinced her. She enjoys the trivia because it gives her something to look forward to throughout her day. 

After high school Melodie either plans to attend an arts school or go to school to become a therapist. She can see a future career pursuing either path, and can’t wait to see what the future holds. For the past couple of years now she has grasped the importance of mental health and has been a light for many of her friends. Her goal has been to give them the help that they need. She is passionate about prioritizing mental health and would love to help others in the future with theirs.

Melodie Brooks is without a doubt a talented individual who is going to make it far in life. She has big goals and we are confident that she will reach them with her continued hard work. We couldn’t have picked a better student of the week and were thrilled with the privilege of interviewing her! Congratulations, Melodie!