Alexis Fowler and Aiyanna Campbell

After exactly 700 days since Cape Fear high school’s winter guard last performed, they stepped onto the floor again after a long hiatus. 

The team started practice at 9:00 am to prepare for the show. The excitement could be felt in the air. They went over how everything would work, because it had been so long since anyone had performed. 

After the team was ready, they got on the bus and headed to the competition. Before competing they went inside to watch another team. The team did really well and after cheering them on the Colts headed to get ready themselves. 

They put on their uniforms, fixed their hair and stretched to get ready. After impatient waiting it was finally time for the team to go warm up. 

They started in body warm up and were led in stretches by the captain, Alexis Fowler. After they finished stretching they did a run of the show. They went through all the dance work to feel confident in it. 

Then, they headed to the equipment warm up. The team started on rifle and flag, and worked on their tosses to make sure they were perfect. Next, they went through all of the show to work on everything they needed.

Warm up went quickly, and soon the group was on deck waiting for the team before them to finish their routine. They quickly began their pre-performance traditions. The team gathered in a circle and talked for a minute about how they were going to do. Then they said the Lord’s Prayer while holding hands. After doing this, the team felt officially ready.

As they walked into the gym it was obvious everyone was excited. The girls set out all of their equipment and waited for the annoncer to introduce them before starting the show. 

The audience cheered as the music began and “Heaven is a place on earth”  played through the gym.  Gretchyn Murphy shared her thoughts on her opening solo, “My solo went amazing, I kept the idea of life and peace in my mind and performed to the audience. I can’t imagine my solo going any better than how I did it.”

The weapon line began their saber ripple which they had been working on all week, and it went almost perfectly. The audience cheered as the sabers continued their work. 

As the show continued, the audience’s joy and excitement over the show was palpable. The show ended early because, like other teams, everything wasn’t completed. Although the team had more of their show finished than they actually performed, they decided it was best to do the portion of the show with which they felt most comfortable. 

The team had the best show so far, and they were happy with their run. Then began the long wait to find out what place they had earned. 

As they watched the other teams perform, they became more and more nervous about what could occur. Finally the long wait was over. Alexis Fowler, and Savannah Browne, the two seniors on the team, stood waiting for the results as their teammates looked on.

The team felt relief as they called out 6th, 5th and then 4th place and it wasn’t them. Finally they announced the team placed 3rd. Everyone was pleasantly surprised at the results considering the show isn’t yet done.

With the possibility of becoming better now engraved in their minds, everyone is excited to see what the team will do next.