Alexis Fowler

Why is it that people now don’t seem to have the same concerns as their parents when they were teenagers? The simple answer is desentization, because people have become numb to the issues around them.

How did this occur? The main reason this has occurred is that people are exposed to more issues than people were before. When normal people see a fight, they should react based on their personal fight or flight response. Sometimes ‘fight’ isn’t joining a fight but instead trying to break it up or stop it. 

Today when students see a fight in the hallways they immediately get out their phones and record. With constant violence on TV’s, social media and anywhere else you look, it’s become normalized. If you let an impressionable child watch a movie with a fight scene, what stops them from believing that it’s ok to fight because of anger? 

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to be unafraid of fighting, but I do believe it’s bad for your automatic reaction to be to pull out your phone to take a video. I believe that shows the fact that we don’t care when other people are in pain. 

On another note, when a teen hears someone is suffering from an eating disorder they are shocked but aren’t completely surprised because they know someone else who has also dealt with it before. 

With the crushing pressure of school, jobs and extracurricular activities on teens’ backs they aren’t really worried about the fact someone around them has a mental illness. No one is shocked when a teenager who does homework for four hours after taking tests all day, admits that they have depression and anxiety. 

The issue is people just don’t care whatsoever. None of that even begins to cover the issues of drugs, vaping and alcohol. For some reason teens think it’s ‘cool’ because ‘everybody is doing it’. 

Despite being told that vapes have the possibility of killing them and destroying their lungs in the future, they do it anyway. It’s normal to walk into a bathroom and see five or six people vaping together. Even though some of them have been given evidence that it can kill you, they all seem to believe it won’t happen to them. 

And that doesn’t cover everything else that people believe is ok. Underage drinking, texting and driving, and doing drugs are all things people do. No one believes that something bad is going to happen until it happens to them. 

The main thing is just thinking before you act to ensure you understand the consequences of everything you’re doing. Ask yourself: is it really worth it?