CFNN Reporter Hannah Spexarth

The Colt baseball team had their first taste of the season this year in Saturday’s scrimmage against the Green Hope Falcons and the Pine Forest Trojans. The scrimmage this weekend was a success for the determined Colts. The team definitely stood up to expectations at the plate and suppressed any competition who dared to face any Colt on the mound.

“Our pitching staff is really talented,” said Head Coach Jarrod Britt. “We have 3 or 4 guys we can lean on to throw some big innings for us and another 2 to 3 guys that can come in and eat innings whenever we need them to.” 

The first opportunity to have an advantage in any baseball game is the pitch, so having strong pitchers for the team will give a massive upper hand over any team in the conference.

Bruce “Bug” Jackson, one of the leading seniors for the Colts, has high expectations for the pitchers this year, but can’t do it alone. “Our pitching is going to really boost us this year. If our defense minimizes errors, our pitchers will be able to keep their pitch counts down, which means they can pitch more innings.” The defensive play was beyond expectations on Saturday, according to the coaching staff.

Another strength for the team is their hitting capability. Assistant Coach Chris Hall was impressed with the Colts’ performance in Saturday’s games. “The hitting rate was significant on Saturday and will be a threat to other teams,” said Hall.

Hunter Darden, a third baseman new to the varsity team is eager for the season to get going. The scrimmage was a learning experience in Darden’s eyes, and he believes that it showed the team something they needed to work on before the season’s first conference game. “I feel we communicated well for the first outing being almost a completely new team,” said Darden. “However, I also feel as if our game mentality isn’t fully there either.” 

The Colts and coaches both believe that mentality will be their biggest competition this season.

The Colts have a long road ahead of them this season and will need all the love and support they can get. Show the team how much they mean this weekend at Terry Sanford High School where they will take on the Midway Raiders and the Wayne Country Day Chargers.