CFNN Reporter Hannah Spexarth

So many teams around the conference are eager for the season to get started. The Colts are starting off the season strong. With the passion of a newly built team, few have been more prepared for the season to start than the Colts. They finished their final pre-season scrimmage on Saturday and here’s how it went.

Israel “Biz” Ortiz is one of our senior pitchers and out fielders this year. Biz is someone who is really looked up to this year as he has been playing for the Colts since his freshman year.

“I try to have fun with the underclassman, but there are times when you have to be serious because varsity isn’t like JV,” said Biz, “You have to be more mentally strong and I try and remind them to do their best at all times no matter if they mess up and to just learn from it.”

Assistant coach Charles Cochran is more than glad to be a part of the strong-hearted Colts. Cochran definitely feels strongly for the team this year with extremely high hopes for the progression over the season.

After graduating ten seniors last year, the Colts are looking to reload in talent and leadership. One senior who has stepped up to the plate for the Colts is John Brewington. Brewington has repeatedly demonstrated  that working hard and being a good teammate pay off.

“If there’s one player who helps boost the team, it’s undoubtedly John Brewington,” said Cochran. “ With Lucca Pascarella out with an injury, John has caught all four scrimmages and still manages to warm up relief pitchers and have good at bats.  I’ve never seen a great team that didn’t have a teammate like John Brewington.  He is the kind of guy that will always put others before himself.”

John Brewington catching behind the plate.

Saturday’s scrimmage was definitely what the team needed to progress mentallly and physically for the season. One thing many players have talked about in the past is the mentality on the field along with team communication on the field. 

“We’re just trying to keep a positive attitude, whether we win a game or lose, we will always have something to work on,” said Ortiz. “We will face really good teams especially this coming up week but we just have to attack the point of the game they’re weak at. I feel we mentally have to block out everything outside of the diamond for 7 innings and not focus on what’s being said in the stands.”

As for John Brewington, he is also one of the senior leaders on the team. He has been battling for a spot on the field since last season, but now leads the team from behind the plate his senior year. John B doesn’t always see the game from behind the plate, however. 

“Mentally we are preparing by getting our chemistry tighter as a team and working on mental mistakes in game situations,” said Brewington. “I feel if we are all in the same head space we can do big things as a whole. We have a ton of talent offensively and defensively and being able to work as a team as best we can will lead us to victory.” 

Join the journey with the Colts as their season starts off Wednesday, March 2nd for one of the biggest games of the season this year against our rival Bulldogs of Terry Sanford High School. Game starts at 7:00pm with a $7 entree fee. Come out to support the Colts with the first pitch of the official season.