CFNN Reporter Hannah Spexarth

The Colts took a tough loss on Wednesday against Terry Sanford with a score of 2-4. However, they never back down from defeat. The team saw this as a learning experience and believe that they can only go up from here!

(Photo: Alexis Noelle Fowler) Mason Hughes gets ready for the next at-bat

Some players have already started thinking of new ways to improve the performance of the team and have new ideas of what they need to work on. Seth Jackson, the shortstop for the varsity Colts since his freshman year, is keeping it to the basics. “All we have to do is just play our game, if we all come together and keep the high energy everything will play out”

Since the beginning of the season, many players have said that they believe that the mental stability of the team will be the biggest competitors, and if the team can’t play together. All the returning Colts know they have a big role being the leaders of the team and know they have to know what to do to really set a good example to younger players

Another senior for the Colts is Adam Little, is someone the team depends on greatly. He is a pitcher for the Colts. Adam is not letting the game affect him in the slightest and is going to lead an example for the rest of the team to hopefully follow. “We have to come out to practice today fired up I think we need to let the game go and move on and I’m going to try to make sure we all get out of our heads and get ready for Friday’s game”

(Photo: Alexis Noelle Fowler) The Colts gather at the mound

Someone new to the team but is a big asset to the team is Christopher Krings, a junior newbie for the varsity Colts. As a first baseman, Krings always has to be on his toes and no matter what has to be ready for the next play no matter how the last one went. So he is using the game as a learning experience and using the emotions from the game to help push himself through the season.”We played a hard game last night.” , said Krings “Our defense pitched a great game, even though we didn’t like the outcome of the game, we are going to use all those emotions to drive us in the season and use them especially as a drive when we play Terry Sanford later in the season.”

(Photo: Alexis Noelle Fowler) John Brewington waiting for the next pitch

As most teams would be defeated after a loss, the Colts are nowhere near giving up. Even though the team took a loss, there were other great things that happened in the game. Seth Jackson, Biz Ortiz, and Mason Hughes all had single base hits during the game. Nathan Kern scored with a walk from third with the bases loaded and Mason Hughes scored with a run from third on a past ball. Adam Little pitched 5 out of 7 innings with 8 strikeouts total.

Wish the Colts luck in their game on Friday against Scotland High School. The location is Scotland with the game time at 5:00 pm. Make sure you watch the Colts thrive this season and use Wednesday’s loss to their advantage and watch them grow game by game.