Walk straight down the Main Hall at Cape Fear High, and in room 110 you will find our Brand New Creative Writing Club expressing their imaginative thoughts through poetry, non-fiction, and fiction writings. 

Students hard at work on their writings.

The idea for this student-driven club came from the brain of one of our school’s newest, but most awesome teachers, Mr. Valles. He started the club with the purpose of encouraging students to write creatively. Giving students a voice and allowing them to be heard is one of the most important aspects of the creative writing club. 

“In the future, this may be through a student literature journal, or maybe an open mic night,” said Mr. Valles.

The club meets every Tuesday in his classroom after school from 4:00 to 5:00.  The meetings are intended to be run by students, writing about or discussing what they like at their own pace. 

“This is their club,” said Valles. “My goal is for the club to be student-led and student-driven, so the kids will decide what the future holds.”

He says that students should feel free to bring a piece of their own writing or a published poem or story that they enjoy to the meetings. Some goals for this club in the future include publishing a student/school literary journal, and eventually starting open mic nights for parents, teachers, and the community to listen to and engage with Cape Fear students.

Students who join this club will gain confidence in their writing skills, along with improving their communication and interpersonal skills. The end result of this club will be an increased school, teacher, student, and community relationship.

“The creative writing club is a very influential club. It’s a place to allow people to be expressive and be themselves,” said junior member Kaleigh Barbour. “The club provides a fun, positive environment that helps with our writing skills and understanding of literature.” 

Come out Tuesday after school to listen in or join in the discussion! Like Goldilocks, it’s

“just write!”