Alexis Fowler

Cape Fear winter guard finished their season off strong at championships. The team, made of 22 members, has worked hard this season to improve and it paid off. The team had three competitions in a row recently, ending with the Atlantic Indoor association championships.

The team first competed at Middle Creek high school. Their show entitled, ‘A place on earth’ placed first. The show went off without a hitch and it was obvious by their score. The team sat in the stands as they waited for the scores to be announced. Cheers erupted from the section as the team discovered they came in first.

After their successful week the team was more motivated than ever before to continue on their good streak. They worked hard the week before to perfect their tosses and their show. The coaches went over every aspect that needed to improve before they headed to Panther Creek high school.

The team arrived at Panther Creek high school in the early afternoon. They had a long drive beforehand but used the time to prepare themselves. The team went into warm up and then headed towards the gym. Before going on they went through their pre-performance traditions. The group gathered together to say the Lord’s prayer. 

The team ended up in third place and were extremely happy with their success. Their score increased by four points compared to the score the week before. With that the team knew they were ready for championships.

In preparation for championships the team practiced three times the week before. The group knew the lighting was a little weird in the coliseum and were prepared to make that adjustment. The team got dressed and headed to the Crown to perform their final show. 

The team went on and waited impatiently for the results. After their performance the team became very emotional once they realized they had to say goodbye to the two seniors on the team. They eventually got ready for the awards ceremony. The team placed fourth and they were happy with their position. After awards the team all danced and celebrated their successful season.

Eventually the team gathered their bags and headed back to school. They said their goodbyes and went home, ending their successful season.