CFNN Reporter: Grace Edwards

Starting a new school can be daunting when you are not familiar with the school or anyone who attends. Fear not, though, because once you familiarize yourself with the school everything will become second nature to you. Here are the big five tips to encourage and help you feel confident for great new experiences.

  1. Meet with your guidance counselor
  • Ask any questions you may have 
  • Create your schedule 
  1. Attend the school’s open house 
  • Here you can find where your classes are at so you feel more at ease
  • Meet your teachers and ask for a supply list 
  1. Be Prepared with supplies
  • Coming in with what you need will make you feel ready for the day
  1. Speak up and introduce yourself to people
  • Do not sit and wait for people to talk to you 
  • This will help you make friends faster 
  • Do not be nervous it is not as scary as you think
  1. Set yourself up for success
  • Following these tips will lead you to have such a fun time in the learning community

I am a senior, but this is my first year attending Cape Fear. Nervous and intimidated were the perfect adjectives to describe how I felt walking into the school for the first time. I realized fairly quickly that there was no reason to feel like that.

From my experience everyone I have met and spoken to so far has been nothing but nice. I can already tell that I will be okay and have great friends for this year. I got over the fear of being rejected by others,and in doing so I have already bonded with some great people.

There are many events that I plan to attend to make this year about learning but also about fun! I came from a small private school, so there was not much available to do. The class size was so small that if you did not click with your peers, you did not have many people to befriend. That is why I feel like a bigger school is actually so much better for meeting people.

Today is the third day of school, and I am already comfortable with this school and ready for what this year will bring me. 

Don’t let the size and population of the school intimidate you. Follow my big 5 tips to feel more at ease about your new school year. Here’s to a great year of learning and making new friends!