CFNN Reporter Alex Jones 

On Monday August 29th, the Cape Fear Colts girls tennis team took to the home courts and squared off against 71st High school. The match started with singles on six courts. The top six players for the Colts played on these courts. Following the singles came three courts of doubles.

The ladies dominated all courts with a perfect record of 9-0. Shea Bieniek was electrifying on court three and played a perfect game. Bieniek didn’t lose a single point her entire match! While the Colts scored perfectly on paper, Coach Lucas felt there were still things the girls could improve on. 

“It’s always better to be more consistent, to hit certain spots,” said Coach Lucas.  “I always want to improve their consistency but most importantly their foot work.” 

This focus on constant improvement helped lead the team to the first tennis state championship in Cape Fear history last year. 

Brianna Keen finished her match strong. She knew where she wanted her shots and placed them perfectly. “I just went out there with the mindset of finishing quickly and efficiently placing the ball where i wanted it to be and really just focused on the technique of ball placement and footwork.” said Brianna Keen 

Anna Piland court two for the laddie colts played an amazing match. She kept her strokes very strong throughout the whole match. Her footwork looked great!

Stay tuned to see the Colts journe to another state championship. A match will be announced in the coming days for next week!