CFNN Reporter Sophia Bullard

First days are happening everywhere. Some people start a new job. Some people start careers. But no matter which “first” people experience, they have one “first” in common: the first day of high school. 

I had my first day of freshman year this past week, and along with other freshmen, had lots of emotions going through my mind. Excitement, anxiousness, and nervousness were just a few. When I got here though, it ended up better than I anticipated. 

I was asked how I thought my first day would go, and I didn’t really know what to expect. I thought the people here were going to be immature because that’s what I was used to in middle school, of course some people are but for the most part everyone is more responsible. I also like that we have a lot more freedom.

I have at least two of my friends in each of my classes, which is nice. All my classes seem exciting and fun. I’m going to join new clubs, make more friends, and be more involved. The football and soccer games are super fun to go to, so I’m looking forward to them.

While talking with my friend, she asked me how my day really went.  I was nervous, I did talk to some new people. I didn’t get lost, and I like all my classes so far. They’re better than how I thought they would be. I think they will be fairly easy. I’ve also made a few new friends, and I’m going to try to make more. 

The nerves were gone when I got to my third period; half the day had passed and I knew since I made it through the first half I was going to be fine.

Again, my friend asked me how my day really went. I thought that it was a really long day; my days are dreadfully longer now because right after school I have tennis practice. Tennis is really fun; it’s oddly relaxing for me. Mr. Lucas is a great coach and everyone is really nice and welcoming. I’m glad I’m on such a sweet, talented team. 

Cape Fear High is definitely a big change for a lot of people. I was terrified at first because again, this is a new thing for many kids. This is one step closer to college, which means we need to take things seriously and act like we’re here to be better. In a few years we will be adults, who will be tasked with taking care of the next generation. 

It’s scary, and these next few years are what count the most. It’s a lot of pressure for many teens; however, Cape Fear is a great school, and the teachers and staff are here to help. They make it fun to be here, give us the freedom we need and want, they are what have made me and so many other kids excited and eager to go to school and learn.

So here’s to a great Freshman year! I am looking forward to making some great memories and experiencing all that high school has to offer! Colt Pride Never Stops!