CFNN Reporter Kaydin Brown        

Do you hate reading and writing, and don’t know where to begin? Our teacher of the week, Mrs. Lucas can help. Mrs. Lucas currently teaches English II here at Cape Fear High School and in the spring semester she will teach her first AP Language class. Mrs. Lucas is very loved at Cape Fear High and has a passion for helping her students succeed. 

Mrs. Lucas is known throughout Cape Fear High as a positive and friendly face. She found her love for teaching during a tutoring internship in college. She explained that her experience in tutoring is what led her to this career path. 

“I realized I had a skill at making writing easy for kids who were intimidated by it and I thought wow, I could do this for a living, so then I went back to grad school and got certified to be a teacher,” Lucas said. 

She uses her skill in the classroom to help students learn how to write in a fun and easy way. She plays games with her students and takes them in a step by step process on how to write quality essays and constructed responses. 

After high school, Lucas furthered her education at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She received both her Masters and Bachelors degrees there. The past 12 years she has taught at both Mac Williams Middle School and Cape Fear High School. Herfirst 7 years of teaching were at Mac Williams and the past 5 years have been at Cape Fear, teaching English ll. 

Mrs. Lucas’s favorite part of teaching goes back to what sparked her interest in it. “I love taking something intimidating for students like writing, and making it easy and helping them grow their skills and helping them build their confidence in things at one point they thought they wouldn’t be so good at,” she said. 

Mrs. Lucas is married to the AIG and AIP coordinator and the State Championship Girls Tennis Coach here at Cape Fear High, Mr. Lucas. She has two children, a four year old son Jack, and a 2 year old daughter, Claire. 

A few of Mrs. Lucas interests include hanging out with her family and watching movies. She enjoys cooking and reading. She also loves going on nature walks with her family and enjoying breathtaking sights. 

Mrs. Lucas loves so many things about Cape Fear High School. She loves the sense of community here in Colt Country. 

“I think that there is no school in Cumberland County that can match the sense of the community here at Cape Fear,” she says. 

She loves the student body here at CF and her fellow English department members. She also enjoys being able to work with her husband, Mr. Lucas.

 “ I love it all at Cape Fear, I love coming to my job everyday,” she said.

A former student said, “I always looked forward to Mrs. Lucas’s class everyday. She always had a good attitude and helped me score the highest I ever have on a reading exam.” 

It’s easy to see why Mrs. Lucas is so loved and admired here at Cape Fear High. She has helped so many students become the best version of themselves.

Congratulations to our first teacher of the week of the 2022-2023 school year, Mrs. Lucas!