CFNN Reporters Kerrigan Brown and Sarah Black

On Friday September 2nd, Colt seniors gathered on the football field to begin a new exciting tradition. The class of 2023 rang in their last year at Cape Fear High, bright and early by watching the sunrise. The seniors gathered at 6:30 am with blankets and towels in hand to embark on a special moment that will last a lifetime. 

The Student Government Association was responsible for the event for our seniors. They decided the first week of school was a fitting time for the seniors to start their year on a positive note. Doughnuts and drinks were available for all students who attended. The SGA is excited to continue to grow this tradition for many years to come. 

Ms. Lee is this year’s SGA advisor and the faculty member in charge of the event. “I decided to lead SGA this year so that I could teach my daughter, who is a senior, one last time and because I love to help others,” Lee said.

Ms. Lee has been involved in numerous service projects at Cape Fear and in the community, and she is always looking for more opportunities to help people within our community. She is a teacher who makes class fun, helps you understand what you are learning, and who genuinely cares about her students and our community.

“I think it’s really important to continue our traditions at Cape Fear,” said senior Nick Perry. “It’s also cool to start new ones. I’m glad we have people at our school who are invested in the students and help make our experience here a great one.

Having a daughter who is a senior influenced Ms. Lee to have the senior sunrise because she understands how important it is to make memories during our time here. For the past four years high school has been very different due to Covid, but things are slowly getting back to normal, and Ms. Lee wants to take this opportunity to restart our traditions and also begin new ones.

“This new tradition is a great way to bring students together,” said senior Reece Eason. I love being able to get together with my classmates and enjoy my last year at Cape Fear.”

This event was an exciting opportunity for the senior class to bond over experiencing the “last firsts” of high school. Starting out our last first day of school together on the football field that we have played on, performed on, or cheered from the stands and sidelines at made us realize that we need to make this year count. 

Our last three years here at Cape Fear have been filled with great memories and experiences that we plan on continuing to make during our senior year.