CFNN Reporters: Emily Grace Raynor and Gavin Drose  

On August 30th, Cape Fear High School senior Bladen Core held the door for a custodian. His act of kindness stood out to the News Network Staff, so we chose him as our student of the week. We asked Bladen a few questions about his personal life and opinions on Cape Fear.

“The new sidewalk paintings made him feel happy that they are trying to make Cape Fear look and feel like home,” said Bladen. Of course there are some things he would change about Cape Fear if he could, but overall he has enjoyed his time here.

After high school Bladen hopes to further his education and go to college to learn how to run a business. Bladen said that he wants to go to The University of North Carolina at Wilmington 

“I love going to the beach,” he said. “It calms my nerves. I’m looking forward to graduating and getting out of Cape Fear so I can spend time at the beach.” 

His favorite activity is to hang out with friends because they are like family to him. Bladen said that one of his favorite subjects is math.

“It’s easy, and I like finding the solution to the problems,” he said. One of Bladen’s many talents is problem solving. 

He likes to race cars and is very talented with this hobby. Bladen also hopes to be like Dale Earnheart Jr. one day. “Ever since I was a young child, I’ve always wanted to be a champion,” he said. 

Bladen also enjoys driving around in his truck and listening to music. He expressed that his plans for next week at school are to wake up later and keep helping people. Bladen also enjoys being the life of the party and keeping everyone happy. Many friends of Bladen say he is a right hand man because he puts everyone before himself.

Bladen Core is truly a class act who enjoys helping others. His desire to put others before himself has earned him genuine respect and admiration from students at Cape Fear High School.

One time Bladen’s friends were on the way to hang out with him, and they got a flat tire on the way to his house. Bladen had some prior knowledge in auto repairs due to his  penchant for racing and working on cars. He instantly knew what to do and got in his truck to go help his friends. When he got there, he got his tools out and started changing the flat tire.

Another time while Bladen was visiting Ocean Isle Beach he was out with his friends and a girl got left by her friends. She saw Bladen and asked him for a ride. Being the good samaritan he is, he took the girl home. The girl was grateful he was a kind young man.

As you can tell Bladen Core is one of the many wonderful students here at Cape Fear and deserves being named student of the week. These are just a few examples of Bladen being a remarkable person. His friends and family could tell numerous stories of how Bladen has helped them out in the past and confidently say they could always count on him in the future.

Congratulations, Bladen! You are the CFNN Student of the Week! We couldn’t have selected a better example to represent Cape Fear High School!