CFNN Reporters Gretchyn Murphy and Sanaa House

A lot of great things take place at Cape Fear in the Fall. Fall sports kick off, school begins, and our Senior Marching Colts proudly step onto the field for their final season. 

The Cape Fear Marching Colts 2022 production is “Red Riding Hood,” with music written by Frank Sullivan, Battery book written by KJ Stafford, and Drill written by Josh Pier. 

The show features two seniors in the Colorguard. Chloe Magness, senior guard captain, as Little Red Riding Hood and Aiyanna Campbell as the Big Bad Wolf. The Band’s music has many different styles that represent the playfulness of Little Red and the slyness of the Wolf. 

There are many other people in the program that hold a leadership role in leading the Marching Colts to success. Cape Fear’s senior leadership consists of: Kyla Mayhew (Drum Major), Nyla Liggons (Brass Captain), Evan Brown (Woodwind Captain), Devin Windham (Drumline Captain), Jonathan Ashby (Pitboss), Chloe Magness (Guard Captain). 

“I definitely want someone who’s responsible and loyal to the program,” said Band Director Nathan Hartman. “Someone who’s gonna stick up for the little guy.” 

These individuals have proven that they are loyal to this program and want to share their experiences with the newcomers. 

“Knowing this is my last year of marching makes me kinda sad because I’ve been in this program since I was a freshman and it’s now my senior year. I love this program and I’ve put so much hard work into being the best I can be so it makes me really sad knowing this is my last year.” said Chloe Magness. Chloe has been spinning for many years, participating in fall guard and winter guard. 

The Marching Colts have put in so many hours of hard work from working on stand tunes to drill and show music. The captains have led their fellow members through it all. 

Evan Brown says “I feel like my hardwork has paid off. I just wish I could do more.” Evan Brown has been playing the clarinet since middle school and has made it into the All county and All district band several times. Despite all of the effort he gives, he’s always trying to do more and help out the veterans and newbies however he can. 

The Marching Colts have gone through a significant change in numbers but these individuals stayed through all of the hard times. 

“What made me want to join was I wanted to learn a bunch of different instruments. What’s making me stay is the people of this program.” says Devin Windham. Devin didn’t start out on percussion; he started as a woodwind. Devin can play clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, aux percussion, and more. Devin also carries the unique trait of having perfect pitch, making learning new instruments and helping newcomers a breeze. 

“Being a part of the marching band, there’s different expectations about what you have to do. But being a part of the band leadership team puts more weight on your shoulders, other people are counting on you instead of you just counting on yourself.” says Drum major, Kyla Mayhew. 

This is Kyla’s second year as Drum Major. She leads the Marching Colts to success alongside our other Drum major Hannah Yergeau. 

Every member that participates in competitions has goals for the season. Nyla Liggons says “I hope to win a lot, take home many trophies, and to have fun for my last year.” The captains alongside Mr. Hartman push the band to do their best and to think like grand champions. 

It’s these captains last year as a Marching Colt but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of their marching journey, there’s always the option of marching in college. Mr. Hartman marched with APP States marching band and came straight into the band director role here after graduating. 

“College band is really fun, it’s nothing like highschool band. I would say don’t let your experiences or time, energy and effort in high school scare you away from college band.” he says. 

Some are on the fence about joining a college band. Kyla says “Maybe not my first year because I want to get a routine in college first.” 

These seniors have years of experience in this program, they’re here to encourage and guide any beginners in this program. Jonathan Ashby’s best advice for any newcomers is, “Be persistent, it’s not gonna be easy but hard work pays off.” 

The Marching Colts is truly a family, everyone will be welcomed with open arms. 

Come out to the Football games every Friday to hear the Marching Colts cheer on the football team! Come to support the Band as they perform in their first competition on Saturday, September 24th at Panther Creek!