CFNN Reporter Lana Fair 

Here at Cape Fear High School, we offer a variety of clubs. From Anime to Z, well, we don’t have anything that starts with Z, but we have a Writing Club! Either way, Cape Fear has something for everyone!

Why are Clubs Important to Have?

Clubs help students with communication skills, creativity, and teach people how to work effectively as a team. They help students find people with similar interests, which can be difficult to do in a classroom.

Colleges alo love to look at the extracurricular activities in which students are involved to get an insight into who you are. They look for leadership skills and well rounded students who will be assets to their campus, and clubs can give students these opportunities. 

What Clubs do we Offer?

Beta Club is an academic based club. In order to be considered for Beta Club, you need to have at least a 3.5 unweighted GPA. Throughout your time in the club, you need to get 40 hours of community service. You don’t have to be in high school to join Beta Club. There’s a junior Beta Club for grades 4-8, which can improve your chances of being in Beta Club in high school.

FFA, or National FFA Organization, is one of the most well known clubs at CFHS. Despite its name, FFA isn’t just for people who want to be farmers. FFA helps people who want to be teachers, doctors, business owners, and more. There are competitions that FFA members can go to. This summer, the members planted flowers around the school.

The International Club is a really fun club that CFHS offers. This club allows you to learn about all the different cultures around the world. Members may get to try different foods from those cultures.

Campus life is a positive club where students can go and meet new people, have fun with friends, and be listened to without judgment. 

Members in Fear Factor go to all of the home games to support the Cape Fear Colts in sports events.

Key Club helps students learn how to lead and stand up for what they think is right through service. They do volunteer work, and help make a positive difference in their school and around the community.

Science Olympiad members must have a 3.0 in all science classes. They go up against other schools in a series of competitions.

There’s a lot of clubs that you can be a part of at CFHS. Don’t be afraid to get out there and get involved!