CFNN Reporter Kaydin Brown

Do you love science and want a fun and friendly teacher? Our teacher of the week, Mrs. Orsornio, can help. This is Mrs. Osornio’s first year teaching here at Cape Fear High, and she’s currently teaching earth and environmental science. 

Although Mrs. Osornio is new to Cape Fear High, she is known throughout the community as someone who loves her kids and truly has a passion for science. She found her love for teaching during high school in the Potential Elementary Teachers program.

“We went to an elementary school, and we would help students there, and I really had a great time with that,” she said. 

She also really wanted to be a mom. She explained how this led her to this career path.

“I felt teaching was gonna be the best career to help me be the best mom I can be, so I had to do it,” she said.

Teaching indeed helped Mrs. Osornio  become the best mom possible. She is happily married to her husband Peo and has three daughters, Ava, a junior here at Cape Fear High, who is a member of the cheer team. She also has a set of twins, Alyssa and Amelia, who are freshmen. Alyssa is on the cheer team, while Amelia runs cross country for the Colts. She has three dogs and two cats. “They’re crazy, but we love them to pieces,” she said. 

This is Mrs. Osornio’s 14th year teaching. She taught at Eastover Central Elementary for 11 years, Mac Williams Middle school for 1 year, Rockish Elementary for 1 year, and is now teaching here at Cape Fear High. 

She started teaching at the age of 21; she taught third grade at Rockfish. She then moved to Mac Williams where she taught sixth grade. She then took a 5 year hiatus from education to have her three girls. Next, she moved to Eastover Central, where she taught pre-k. It was then that Osornio realized that she liked teaching older kids much more, so she taught kindergarten, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade science. Finally she found a home teaching earth and environmental science here at Cape Fear.

Mrs. Osornio’s favorite part of teaching is the kids. “I think making connections with my students has been the most rewarding part of my job. When I teach them something they’re really interested in or excited about, that makes me excited as well. I hope I can instill that love for science, because it is a really promising future and career path. I hope I can get as many kids interested in it as possible,” she said.

Mrs. Osornio used to enjoy traveling with her daughters’ competitive cheer team, but now “this job has taken every inch of  time I have but I love it,” she said. 

Mrs. Osornio loves the community and kids here at Cape Fear High. 

“Knowing a lot of the kids from teaching them when they were 4 in pre-k and all the way up, I just enjoy seeing them grown up now, catching up with them and seeing what’s going on with their lives now. I feel like that’s been the best part of coming to Cape Fear, is reconnecting with students and of course meeting new ones,” she said. 

Former student Laney Talley said, “She is one of the nicest teachers I have ever had and she treats you like her own child. She is so considerate and is always there for you.”

It’s easy to see that Mrs. Osornio is a great new addition to Cape Fear. She truly loves her students and gets them excited about learning science. 

Congratulations to one of the many newest additions to our staff!, Mrs. Osornio, you deserve it!