CFNN Reporters Aubrey Autry and Lex Glemaker

Cape Fear has a flourishing FFA program, from hands-on farming to agriculture mechanics, there’s a place for everyone. FFA stands for Future Farmers of America; however, there’s much more to the club than just farming. Cape Fear has a strong program. The horticulture program finished second in the state and Agriculture mechanics finished 4th in regionals last year.

Horticulture is the study of plants. Cape Fear has one of the strongest horticulture programs at the high school level; they’ve won states multiple times.

Chloe Magness has been a part of our horticulture team since her freshman year.  She joined because she had an interest in plants.

“I’ve always been more interested in growing plants,” said Magness. “Learning how to take care of them has always been my passion, more than building and learning how to identify different tools.” 

FFA also offers students the chance to be an officer; Spencer Haney is currently our secretary and a member of our agriculture mechanics team and he joined because he is passionate about building things.

“I just like working with my hands and stuff,” said Haney. “I’ve been building things my entire life. Now I get to do it and get credit for it.” 

Our Ag mechanic department teaches shop safety and working with tools. Students learn how to weld, working with tractors/small engines, and most importantly learn how to work safely in an agricultural shop.

Overall, Cape Fears agricultural programs are welcoming and always happy to have you join! It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends. FFA is a great way for students to compete and be a part  of a team outside of sports.