CFNN Reporters Madison Raymes and Spencer Hales 

On Tuesday September 13th, the Colts squared off against the Seventy-First Falcons. The Colts didn’t make it a close one, dominating the pitch with a final score of 5-0. This win is a big momentum starter for the Colts, who notched their first conference win. 

Cape Fear has found some success in the last couple of games after a tough start to the season. The Colts are communicating better, and this is helping them work better as a team.  Their overall record is now 4-5-1. They have now won two games in a row.

The Colts dominated the entire game, scoring five goals on the Falcons. 

Freshman Zack Beal scored two of the five goals and was named Man of the Match for the Colts. 

“Our passing was on point.” said Beal when asked what the team did well on. “We are getting much better at communicating.”  Beal is also leading the team in assists per game. 

Junior Julius McLemore also had a spectacular game, scoring two goals. The fifth and final goal was scored by Junior Andrew Sneed. The defensive end was also dominant for the Colts, not allowing any goals and holding the Falcons scoreless. 

This win against the Falcons moves Cape Fear into 5th place in the United Eight Conference Standings.

The Colts continued their winning ways on Wednesday when the played the Douglas Byrd Eagles. The game was originally scheduled to be played at Douglas Byrd High School, but was moved to Cape Fear due to the field not being painted. 

The Colts took home a win against the Eagles. The final score was 12-0 which marked the third victory in a row for the Colts. 

These were major victories for the Colts, considering their rocky start to the season. 

“These past few games, we were a lot better at communicating,” said Coach Pagan. “Julius McLemore and Zack Beal have definitely stood out, and have played a big role in helping us win.” 

Winning these back to back games has improved the Colts confidence. There has been a different mood at practice and in the locker room. 

“Yes, winning streaks will build your team’s confidence, but we have some tough games next week,” said Pagan.

Next Monday, the Colts will be playing Jack Britt at home. On Wednesday, they will take on the South View Tigers in a key road match. This will be a pivotal stretch for Cape Fear, as they eye a shot at the U8 Conference title.

The Colts need all the support next week as they take on two highly ranked teams. Come out to see how they perform!