CFNN Reporters ~ Gretchyn Murphy and Sanaa House

Rifles spinning, instruments blaring, constant movement in unison; these are just a small part of what goes into a marching band show. Countless hours are spent perfecting these skills in order to produce a great production. From June to December the Marching Colts put their hard work, sweat, and even tears into this program to prepare for halftime shows and competitions throughout the season. 

The Marching Colts practice every Tuesday and Thursday after school from 4:00-7:30. Through the rain, shine, and the crazy heat index, they’re constantly working. 

Sometimes music is the main focus, other days it’s cleaning or setting drills. The color guard has a different focus on music days. They spend their time in the gym working on technique and choreography for the show. 

When it comes to music for a show there’s more to it than just knowing how to play the music. There’s the tone, the intonation, and the memorization. It takes a lot of time and effort from not just the band members, but also the director Mr. Hartman. 

Marching Fundamentals are extremely important. Marching is extremely different from walking. Everyone’s feet have to be in sync to ensure the entire band looks the same. Being a part of this marching band means you have to know how to fit 8 steps in between 5 yards or you have to make 12 steps fit into a 3 step distance. The Marching Colts spend countless hours throughout their season perfecting this.

Choreography is also difficult for the guard and the band. The band has to march, play, and add choreography into their show. For the guard it’s much different, they have dance and equipment work. The color guard has to be able to toss flags and rifles while dancing at fast tempos. You have to make sure the choreography is really influencing the impact that the music has. 

The Marching Colts is definitely not for the weak. It takes a lot of dedication to be a part of this program but it all is worth it in the end. Come witness it for yourself at Friday night football games where the band performs at halftime, or at their first competition at Panther Creek on Saturday September 24th!