CFNN Reporters Emily Grace Raynor and Garrett Hales

Here at Cape Fear, we have so many great seniors, and we wanted to interview one of them for student of the week. This week we chose Garrett Hales. Garrett is an amazing student who has dedicated most of his time to participating in his church’s activities and helping others. With Garrett’s great personality and happy mood, he’ll never fail to make you laugh.

CFNN: Tell us a little about yourself and your time at Cape Fear so far.

Garrett: Well my name is Garrett Hales and I am a senior here at Cape Fear. 

Garrett is 17 years old and has been at Cape fear for all four years. He has also been on the golf team since he was a freshman. He is a middle child because he has one older sister and is the oldest out of him and his twin by 8 minutes. We asked Garrett about some hardships he’s learned from throughout his life and he said being a twin was one. 

CFNN: Can you describe your hardships as a twin?

Garrett: It is hard being compared to my brother.

“I am overshadowed by my twin brother Spencer,” said Garrett.Throughout his life he has always been compared to Spencer in all aspects. “Just because we look alike doesn’t mean we do and act the same,” explained Garrett. He just did not get why everyone always needed to compare them.

CFFN: What do you love about Cape Fear?

Garrett: I love the atmosphere.

“I just feel loved here at Cape Fear,” said Garrett. Being at school with teachers and other students who encourage you and want the best for you makes school better. One of these encouraging teachers Garrett told us about was Mr. Casto. “He is a great teacher and has a great learning environment to work in,” explained Garrett. If you know Garrett you know he has a lot of school spirit. He loves going to sporting events such as football games and basketball games and being in the student section cheering on the colts. Being in the exciting environment of a sporting event brings Garrett joy and being able to do it with his friends/fellow students makes it even better. 

CFNN: Tell us some of your favorite things to do in your spare time?

Garrett: I’m a big gamer, I love playing video games.

His favorite video games are Cold War and Fornite. He also likes to watch youtube videos. “Jake Paul or Mr. Beast are probably my favorite YouTubers,” explained Garrett. After school or just when he is bored is when Garrett likes to play video games or watch youtube videos. He also likes hanging out with his dog who he loves very much. His dog is a goldendoodle named Tanner. “Tanner Jacob Hales, is nine years old and is turning ten in January,” said Garrett. He wants to throw Tanner a party because he is turning double digits. 

Garrett is a kind young man who loves his friends, family, and school. We enjoyed interviewing Garrett and learning more about him. We hope he will continue doing great things inside the classroom and out.