CFNN Reporters Gretchyn Murphy and Sanaa House 

Crowds Cheering, the stadium lights beaming, and the Cape Fear Marching Colts taking their first steps onto the field at Lumberton high school on September 16th, 2022. 

As the Marching Colts took to the field at Lumberton high school after many successful practices and countless hours spent focused on the music and movement, the hard work paid off in the halftime performance. Nathan Hartman, the marching colts band director, gave some insight on the marching colts progress and improvements.

“I think there’s been a lot of growth in several areas so far, even with what we have out there currently. We are now in the early mid season and we almost have our entire show out on the field,” said Hartman.

Though the crowds were cheering for a football game to remember and celebrate, the Marching Colts were bringing the music and energy into the stands for the crowd of Cape Fear supporters and parents. 

The halftime performance was a big event for the Marching Colts. The band plays numerous songs during the game to hype up the crowd and the Varsity football team such as ‘’Don’t mess with my heart,’ ‘’Let’s go,” ‘’Crazy Train,” ‘’Colt Nation,” and even a football classic ‘’Red Zone’’ along with many other songs. 

The Lumberton game was just one of four successful shows for the marching colts, along with the color guard, hornline, drumline, and front percussion. 

“I thought overall our Marching Colts did a really fantastic job, and I thought visually there were a lot of great things that happen on the field, I know there is always differences from field to field, in terms of music and in terms of visuals there were alot of great things that happened so I say overall it was a really strong performance to help us propel into this upcoming week, our home game Friday, and our competition this Saturday,” explained Hartman.

Football games for the Marching Colts are a good way to practice for their upcoming competitions. They compete against many great performing high school bands in the state. The halftime shows are a kind of dress rehearsal for their weekend competitions.The Colts will take part in their first competition of the year this weekend

“I would say they are pretty well prepared, this competition is really early into the season, unlike last year where we had our first competition the 2nd week of October, I say they are more prepared for this competition than last year especially with the work we will put into our leading practices coming up this Tuesday and Thursday,” he said.

Don’t forget to Come out to Panther Creek High School, this Saturday, September 24th,  to cheer and support our amazing Marching Colts at their very first competition! Go Colts!