CFNN Reporter Alex Jones

On Monday the 19th, the Lady Colts Tennis team faced off against Purnell Swett Rams on the campus of UNC Pembroke. The Colts continued their winning streak, winning the match with a team score of 9-0. The ladies stayed strong and stayed on top of the game throughout the whole match. 

The win put the Colts in the driver’s seat of the United 8 Conference, keeping them unbeaten with a 7-0 record. Cape Fear is 8-1 overall. The loss put Purnell Swett at 3-5 overall.

The Colts had to stay on top of the game and keep their strokes strong throughout the match. Ansley Thomas on Court 6 had to wait to play due to court space, but when it was her time to shine, she finished quickly and efficiently, finishing 6-0,6-0. Thomas really showed off her skills in this game.

“I just adjusted to waiting to play and stayed ready and then executed when I played,” said Thomas.

Other winners on the courts were Anna Piland on court one, Brooke Bienek on court two, Shea Bienek on court three, Andi Brinker on court four, and Bri Keen on court five. All players finished 6-0, 6-0 in their matches.

Today, the Colts take on Seventy First High School on their home courts. The Falcons have an overall record of 0-6. The ladies have to keep their game plan in mind when they take the courts today. Although the Colts have a record of 8-1, they remember to never take an opponent  lightly and stay on their game.

Come see the Colts today at 4:30 at Seventy First as they play their match!