Cape Fear Boys Soccer played their thirteenth game of the season against the South View Tigers on Wednesday, September 21st. The game ended with a 5-2 score. The Colts have now won five straight games. This is their seventh victory overall for the season.

The Colts are back in the black and out of the red as they now boast a winning record at 7-5-1 overall and 4-1-1 in United 8 Conference play.

The Colts started the match hot, coming out and scoring three goals in the first half. They continued to fight and finished the game strong, scoring 2 goals in the second half of the game. Junior Andrew Sneed and Junior Julius Mclemore each scored one goal. Nick Shook and Francisco Rodriguez also each scored a goal to make the final score 5-2. 

“Well it wasn’t a very good first half; we started off really slow and we couldn’t score, but Coach decided to switch the offense and defense. Which really got things going; it got people in different mindsets,” said Sneed. “We left the middle wide open a few times, though. The defense and the wingers played great tonight.”

The soccer team has been putting in good work over the past few weeks. A tough schedule early this season seems to be paying off for the Colts. Now that they are in the middle of this streak, they are hitting their stride and running over the competition.

“We learned how to work as a team [be]cause in the beginning we were all individuals and we didn’t play together,”  said Sneed. 

To say the Colts have been hot recently is an understatement. This win against South View marks the fifth win in a row. Coach Pagan was modest about the win, focusing more on what the team needed to improve rather than savor the win.

“We didn’t play well, but we won,” said Pagan after the match.

Well, Coach, an ugly win is certainly better than a pretty loss!  

The Colts have been stepping up their game and working together as a team. There is a different attitude on the pitch at Cape Fear High School. All this hard work is paying off with plenty of victories and many more to come.