CFNN Reporter Kaydin Brown

Do you hate math because it is too confusing or just not fun? Our teacher of the week, Mrs. Kristen Johnson can help. Mrs. Johnson is a math teacher here at Cape Fear High School. She is well loved by many for being a fun and positive teacher who can always make your day better.

Mrs. Johnson is well known for changing students’ views on math by making it fun. She found her love for teaching from her mom when she was a kid. She explained how growing up with a parent as a teacher led to this career path. 

“I grew up in a house where my mother was a teacher. I got to see how life was for her and the fact that she was always available when we were off school and just the family side of that. So when looking long term that’s what made it for me, plus I love coaching,” she said. 

Mrs. Johnson uses her love for family and quality time to connect with her students and make them feel loved. 

Mrs. Johnson attended high school here at Cape Fear High. After high school she attended Elon University in Greensboro, North Carolina for one year on a softball scholarship. She then moved back home and transferred to Methodist University here in Fayetteville, where she continued her studies and her softball career.

Mrs. Johnson was a star at Methodist. In her three years at the school, she led the team in most offensive categories. She was so talented that she was elected to the University Hall of Fame in 2018.

Mrs. Johnson did an internship in Chapel Hill during college and has been teaching here at Cape Fear High for 18 years. 

Mrs. Johnson currently teaches foundations of math 1 and math 1. She has taught math 2, pre-calculus and back “when it was a thing,” she taught algebra 2. 

Mrs. Johnson’s favorite part of teaching is the schedule.

“If any teacher doesn’t tell you the summers off weren’t a perk they would be lying. As hard as some days are, there are many days that make you realize why you do what you do and those days make it all worth it,” she said. 

Mrs. Johnson is married to Coach Johnson who is the head junior varsity coach here at Cape Fear. Her and Coach Johnson have a son Harper who is 8 years old. 

A few of Mrs. Johnson’s interests include going to the lake during the summer time with her family who has a place at Lake Tillery in North Carolina. Along with that, she spends most of her time following Harper to all of his many sporting events.

For the last sixteen years Mrs. Johnson has been a softball coach here at Cape Fear. She took a couple years off for her son Harper. Mrs. Johnson is a wonderful coach who always helps her players be the best they can be and play to their full potential.

Cape Fear High School holds a special place in Mrs. Johnson’s heart. She loves so many things about it, some of which include the family atmosphere.

“I graduated from here in the year 2000, came back and I’ve literally worked here ever since. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else, it’s just a home environment for us,” she said.

“Mrs. Johnson is a great teacher who makes math fun and easy. She helped me have a deeper understanding of math and really succeed in the subject. Due to Mrs. Johnson, math is currently my favorite subject,” explained a former student of Mrs. Johnson. 

It’s easy to see why Mrs. Johnson is so loved and admired here at Cape Fear High. She does so much for our school and is a fabulous teacher/coach. She helps students in any way she can and we are more than lucky to have her.

Congratulations to this week’s teacher of the week, Mrs. Johnson, you deserve it!