CFNN Reporter Jack Edwards

On Thursday September 22nd, the JV Football Team traveled to Pembroke to take on the Rams at Purnell Swett High School. The Colts hung tough, gritting out an 8-0 victory. Both teams fought hard, but the Colts ended on top.  

The game started slowly, with the Colts getting a defensive stop on fourth down of the opening possession. A couple of big runs by Sophomore Running Back King Faison moved the Colts down the field. However, the drive stalled when Rams came up with a stop on 4th down at Purnell Swett 25 yard line. The Rams took over but the Colts forced a fumble on the ensuing play, giving Cape Fear the ball in plus territory at the 30 yard line.

The Colts again were unable to capitalize on this opportunity and turned the ball over on downs. The Colts defense was able to get another stop, forcing the Rams to punt the ball away. Cape Fear Wide Receiver Jackson Edwards took advantage of the punt at the 35 yard line and raced into the end zone for what appeared to be the first score of the game. 

Edwards’ return swung the momentum in favor of the Colts, but a targeting call brought things back and the score was negated. This resulted in Colts linebacker and Garret Snyder being ejected from the game. 

The Colts were unable to get anything going and again were forced to punt the ball away. The Colts got the ball back immediately on a muffed punt. They were still struggling to get anything going on offense and turned it over on downs once again. The Colt defense bailed out on the offense, forcing yet another punt. A huge run by King Faison on the next possession put the Colts in great field position.

A little later in the game, Geronimo Sanchez found Jackson Edwards across the field for a 25 yard touchdown pass. King Faison punched in a two point conversion for the Colts, putting them up 8-0 for what would be the only score of the game.

“A lot of the offensive struggles were on me because I was overthinking and not just going out there and doing what I do,” said Quarterback Geronimo Sanchez.

Each team had an empty possession after that, keeping the score 8-0 in favor of the Colts headed into halftime. 

The second half of the game was full of struggles for both teams.Both teams struggled to get anything going offensively. With empty possession after empty possession the game stayed tight.

With under two minutes remaining, the Rams had the ball on 3rd down. They threw a deep pass broken up by the Colts Cornerback, Chosen Wynn. A pass interference call bailed out the Rams on what looked like a great defensive play. 

This gave the Rams a first down. They threw the ball deep down field to a wide open man, but the pass was incomplete.

The Colts caught a huge break and hoped to get a stop. With less than a minute on the clock, the Rams connected on two screen passes for big gains, putting them in the red zone with 4 seconds left. They were unable to connect on a pass and the Colts finished on top.  

“Overall it was a hard fought victory. We had some struggles with players missing practice and having to sit out parts of the game. The defense stepped up big and made it happen with Garret being out,” explained Head Coach Johnson. 

This week’s game was a well deserved victory for the Colts, and they plan to continue to keep this streak alive. Come out Wednesday, September 28th and support the Colts as they travel to take on the Seventy-First Falcons.