CFNN Reporters Sanaa House and Gretchyn Murphy 

Working hard for a big event to bring many proud faces, the Marching Colts made their way to Panther Creek. Bring proud faces they did, bringing home 2nd place!

With all the time spent practicing after school, during summer, and on the weekends, the crew finally had a chance to show when they performed on the field. 

Photo Credits: Laura Kline

For competitions like this, many different bands in North Carolina come to show off their production for the year and compete against each other for grand champion. 

The bands are split into classes based either on band size or school size. They compete in their class in different categories such as general effect, music, percussion, colorguard and visuals. Then all the classes compete for grand champion, where the winner is chosen based on skill. 

The bands are in classes ranging from 1A to 5A. The Marching Colts were in class 4A against Green Hope High School performing their 2022 production “Conversations.” 

The Colts placed second in every category, but the numbers are where it really mattered. In music, the Colts earned a score of 232.50 out of 400, in visual a 111.60 out of 200, and in general effect a 245.00 out of 400. Some of these schools the Colts were up against were double and triple their size, which makes their scores all the more impressive.

Photo Credits: Laura Kline

“I feel like there was another band in 3A that was bigger than us and they should’ve been in our division and we’ve should’ve been in theirs. If we were in the 3A class I feel we would’ve definitely placed higher.” says sophomore trumpet Brandon Simpson. 

Out of 14 bands, the Colts placed 6th overall, with only half of their show completed. 

The Colts gave an absolutely amazing performance, and things are only going up from here, as they add choreography and refine their music. The Colts have a major hit in the last movement that is sure to blow the crowd away. 

Next competition, the Marching Colts will come with just as much Colt pride and show everyone what they’ve put so much time and effort into. Snare drummer Cameron Williams says “I think once we get through our show we can beat any Raleigh band we go up against.”

Photo Credits: Laura Kline

Come out and watch the Marching Colts perform in their next competition, “Rumble in the Jungle” at South View High School on October 8th as they perform Red Riding Hood!