On Monday September 27, the Cape Fear Colts played their conference home game against the Gray’s Creek Bears. This was a win for the Colts. The final score was 4-2. This game went into double overtime. This made it the sixth win in a row for the Colts, who have been dominating their matches these past two weeks. 

This is definitely a winning streak worth bragging about, and it makes the non-conference schedule a distant memory. The Colts have been a cohesive unit on the field, and this was what they needed to accomplish the winning streak. 

“I knew going into conference we would be one of the better teams; we are a little too inconsistent with some of our play, but we have fought hard.” said Coach Bryan Pagan. Overall the Colts are 8-5-1. 

The Colts scored four goals during this game; two in the first half of the game. They scored two goals in each overtime half as well. One goal was made by Junior Conner Boudreaux, who was also named player of the game. Another goal was made by Junior Max Risenmy. Junior J McLemore and Sophomore Conner Dickenson each scored one goal as well. 

“Our spacing has been much better, from offense to defense, we are better there and we are starting to talk a lot more,” said Coach Pagan when asked what the team has improved on.

The Colts only have a few more games left in the regular season. With practice and good communication they can keep winning their games. 

“We are struggling to score consistently, so that needs to be fixed,” said Pagan. 

Tonight the Colts will take on the first place Lumberton Pirates at home for a chance at tying for first place in the United 8 Conference.  Come out and support your Colts! This will be a big game, and let’s see if they can get their winning streak up to seven.