CFNN Reporter Kaydin Brown

Do you think science is difficult and confusing? Our teacher of the week, Mrs. Robinson can help! Mrs. Robinson is a well educated teacher who really knows her stuff. She is loved and admired by everyone here at Cape Fear High.

Mrs. Robinson is known throughout Cape Fear High for helping students have a deeper understanding of all things science. 

She found her love for teaching when she moved into the area about 12 years ago. Mrs. Robinson has explained how the move and previous teaching in community college led to this career path.

“When I moved to this area about 12 years ago, I had to leave my job in Chemistry as a Chemist and it was hard to find something down here. I had been teaching in the community college system and really enjoyed it, so I decided to try teaching in high school,” Robinson said. 

She uses her past career as a Chemist to give her students a different perspective in science. Mrs. Robinson uses many different perspectives to help her students learn a lot and have as much knowledge as possible.

After high school, Mrs. Robinson furthered her education at Campbell University, a private university in Buies Creek. At Campbell University, she earned a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Biology and Chemistry. 

Mrs. Robinson has been teaching high school for 10 years. For the past 8 years, she has taught here at Cape Fear High. Before that, she taught for 2 years at Pine Forest. 

Currently Mrs. Robinson teaches Physical Science. In the past she has taught Biology, Earth Science, and Chemistry Honors. 

Mrs. Robinson’s favorite part of teaching is the students. “Getting to know the students and helping them succeed is my favorite part,” she said. 

“I had Mrs. Robinson in the 9th grade. Mrs. Robinson was an amazing teacher, said Haven, a former student of Ms. Robinson’s. “She was understanding when my grandpa passed away and helped me in the situation. She’s a nice and kind teacher who really knows how to teach. I learned a lot in her class.”

Mrs. Robinson has two adult aged daughters. Their names are Tara and Courtney, who have both gotten married in the last two years. Mrs. Robinson is married and has just celebrated her 11th wedding anniversary. As far as hobbies, Mrs. Robinson enjoys hanging out with her husband, or hubby, as she would say. 

Mrs. Robinson loves so many things about Cape Fear High, one of many being that it is so close to her house. Along with that, “I think it’s a group of kids like my kids grew up with, so I enjoy that,” Mrs. Robinson said.

It’s easy to see why Mrs. Robinson is loved and admired here at Cape Fear High. She’s an amazing teacher, who truly loves her students and anything to do with science.

Congratulations to this week’s Teacher of the Week, Mrs. Robinson, you deserve it!