CFNN reporter Taylor Woodard

On Wednesday, October 5, your Cape Fear Colts hosted their second meet of the season. There were three other schools in attendance: South View, Lumberton, and 71st. Cape Fear won the meet with the top four fastest times in both the boys and girls events. 

Taylor Woodard and Max Cabrera finished top two, with Taylor Woodard coming in first with a new personal record of 19:52. This is the first time this season that anyone was able to break under 20. There is a ritual at Cape Fear that when a runner breaks the 20 minute mark, he can pour a gallon of water on the head coach. Head Coach Jose Acosta was the victim this time. 

Max Cabrera also finished with a new personal record with a final time of 20:08. Many of the boys were able to get personal records as well. Katie Martin Came in first for the girls, with a final time of 24:33. Laken Clevidence finished 2nd running 24:36. Both Girls were able to get their personal Record as well as a couple other of our girls. 

Cape Fear’s first win of the season was an impressive one. One of their goals was to finish in the top two in both boys and girls. Before the race, the Colts huddled up, giving Woodard and Cabrera the chance to motivate everyone and set goals for all runners.

With the season winding down, the Colts have finally hit their stride, no pun intended. All runners seem to be heading in the right direction with PR’s every run. 

“Things are looking up as we enter the Championship season, I’m looking for big things for Cape Fear Cross Country as we go to the Conference Championship at Jack Britt on the 19th,” said Assistant Coach Matt Haynes when asked about how he feels the season has gone so far. 

The Colts have two more weeks until they head to Jack Britt for the Conference Championship. The runners have big dreams and have set outstanding goals. 

We hope to see you all out there on October 19th to support your Colts!