CFNN Reporter Alex Jones 

The Ladies Tennis Colts have finished up their regular season and they now prepare for playoffs. The Colts finished the season with an overall score of 13-1. The first round of playoffs will be Wednesday the 19th. The Ladies have been working hard to prepare to take home another State Championship.

Brooke Bieniek and Anna Piland now prepare to take home a second State Champion doubles win. Last year Piland, our court 1, and Bieniek, our court 2, took home a huge win in the state finals. That has never been seen in Cape Fear history. These girls are weapons on the court. They place the ball perfectly and their footwork is always on point. 

“I feel like we have a good shot. We have been playing better together everyday and this momentum should help us going into the playoffs next week.” said Bieniek.

“I feel confident in our abilities, the most important thing is to play crisp and keep our focus.” explained Piland.

Coach Lucas is taking this very seriously as he has the girls doing drills to continue to help them get ready for the big day! He knows the girls will do great and he will be proud of them no matter the turn out.

“I’m confident in our players like always. We have been working hard on a variety of strategies and ways to adapt to our style of play depending on who we play against. The girls are ready. I just want to make sure they are in a confident state and ready to have fun.” said Coach Lucas.

Be sure to come out and support the Colts on their first round of playoffs. It’s a big day for the ladies. They need all the support they can get!