CFNN Reporters Aubrey Autry and Lex Glemaker

The Science Olympiad Team is a group of students competing at regional and state levels. This group of students has the opportunity to advance their knowledge of science and current-day science issues in the research class. This class is taught by the Science Olympiad Advisor, Mrs. Robinson. 

In the research class, students can study a variety of different topics including Climate Change and Epidemiology (pandemics such as Covid-19). They are planning to build rockets, catapults, and planes later this semester. This Research Honors class is an enjoyable and chill environment to be in. 

“This is not your ordinary class. Yes, there is work to do but it is in a casual atmosphere and we have the freedom to explore topics that the students are curious about,” said Mrs. Robinson.

In the class, they do both research and hands-on learning to further their knowledge and help to prepare them for their competition events. 

“My favorite one we’ve done was making our own solar ovens and making s’mores with them,” said Alexis Martin. The students built the ovens using a pizza box and aluminum foil. 

Although this class is fun, the students still have to work hard to complete their Science Olympiad project. The team is very excited for competitions to begin. 

This class is an amazing opportunity if you’re a part of the Science Olympiad and want to boost your GPA. Science Olympiad is an amazing club if you’re looking to further your science education. It also allows you to compete without doing a sport and it looks great on college applications.

If you’re looking for a challenge, independent study and research, or have an interest in science and technology, then Science Olympiad is for you! For more information, contact Mrs. Robinson. Get in on the action!