CFNN Reporter Alex Jones 

The Colts have finished their first round of playoffs with a dominating score of 5-1.The colts now move on to round two friday 21st.The colts have had a phenomenal season coming out on top being seed 5 in the dual team playoffs for 3a.

Courts 1-3 had a perfect match with a score of 6-0,6-0 not allowing a single game to be taken from them. Shea,Brooke and Anna are truly showing just how badly they want another state championship win. 

“I feel like the first round went well. Everyone looked strong and was playing great. I’m excited for round 2.” explains Bieniek.

They aren’t the only ones showing how bad they want another win, courts 4-5 took home a win as well. Brianna Keen showing off her skills again with a score of 4-6,6-2.Andy Brinker showing off her skills as well with a score of 6-1,6-2

The Ladies executed singles so well we didn’t have to play doubles. The Colts left the first round off playoffs with confidence they can take home a win in round two. Head coach Lucas was very proud of the girls as they put the skills they have been learning into action.

“The match went very well. The team got exactly what we needed out of it, especially the lower courts because they played incredibly athletic. They are athletic players that are consistent and tested us. It’s better to be tested early then later.” 

Friday 21st the Colts will travel to the next round be sure to try and make it out and support the ladies as they play. The Ladies will need all the support they can get as they wont know who they play until they get there.